Visioneering –/90/90 is a Deemed-to-Satisfy framed glazing system. Visioneering –/90/90 can be used in lieu of any masonry, concrete or plasterboard wall where a 90 minute fire integrity and insulation rating is required. It may also be used as an Alternative Solution where reduced fire ratings are suitable.

All products in the Visioneering® range are certified Australian Made and Owned.

visioneering –/90/90
  • Fire tested in accordance with AS1530.4
  • A range of decorative glass finishes available
  • Available with framed glazed doors with FRL’s of -/60/30
    or up to -/90/60
  • 90 minutes fire integrity, insulation and smoke containment
  • Clear, break resistant Class A safety glass
  • Various framing profiles available to achieve desired finish and function
  • Framing system manufactured locally for prompt reliable service

For your safety, Smoke Control does not substitute well respected and quality glass for no name products. Visioneering® systems are clearly labelled with the brand, fire rating and safety glass test methods.