Specially developed for Fire Engineers and Architects to be used in lieu of Deemed-to-Satisfy systems, this Heat Attenuation Screen can also provide security.  The Flame Guard M system consists of a perimeter aluminium frame that can be powder coated a standard colour. This is fixed to the perimeter of the window opening using a continuous angle or direct fixed to the wall. The mesh consists of a 0.9mm thick woven stainless steel which is coated black to reduce the reflection of light. The free area of the mesh is 49%.

  • Available with powder coated perimeter frame to match any colour in the Dulux Duralloy range
  • May fulfil a security function
  • May allow the use of standard sliding or existing windows behind
  • Minimal side wall clearance/usage requirements

Note: The Australian Window Association “Window Safety Tips” recommends ‘If you have young children in your home and are considering installing security screens be aware that the security screen may prevent escape in case of fire. Ensure at least one window in the room has a release mechanism on the security screen.’