Smoke Control’s Visioneering range of fire rated glass systems such as fire windows, glazed partition, fire rated glazed doors & fire resistant glass offer designers unrivaled flexibility.

Our Fire rated glazing systems are ideal for all types of buildings including offices, shopping centres, residential apartments, warehouses, hospitals and aged care facilities.

Visioneering® is by far Australia’s largest range of quality fire resistant glazing systems providing virtually any combination of fire, acoustic, light transmission, and energy performance.

From timber to steel and stainless steel frames we have a myriad of options for you to match in with other standard glazing systems.

Our range includes fire rated glass floors, fire windows, fully glazed fire doors, transparent fire rated spandrel panels, fire rated glazed curtain walls, fire rated skylights, fire rated balustrades and more.

Visioneering includes fire ratings from 30 minutes to 120 minutes and everything in between.

Fire Integrity with radiant head shielding                                                Fire integrity only                                                                  Fire Integrity & Insulation

LR30 -/30/- -/30/30
LR60 -/60/ -/60/60
LR90 -/90/- -/90/90
LR120 -/120/- -/120/120
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1300 665 471